More on A-B's Entry into Canned Wine
FILED MARCH 21, 2018 Last week, Anheuser-Busch's disruption arm, ZX Ventures, made a minority investment in up-and-coming wine company Swish Beverages. Read More
Inside TTB's Possible New Cultural Role
FILED MARCH 20, 2018 In response to yesterday's issue regarding the proposed rolling up of ATF and TTB's bev-alc and tobacco enforcement, after talking with a prominent bev-alc attorney and others, the fact that they are possibly consolidating enforcement doesn't necessarily mean more trade practice enforcement. As one source put it, "these guys with guns and badges are used to chasing down thugs running illegal cigarettes from Jersey to New York, not looking over sales reports at craft breweries making sure they're up on their excise taxes." Good point. But still, will the culture change? Read More
Regulators Gone Wild
FILED MARCH 19, 2018 There's some pretty significant news coming from Washington D.C. As you know, most bev-alc regulation is left to the states, but there's a big change which could be coming to the federal regulators and it could have an effect on suppliers, distributors, and retailers. First let's set the stage, and then explore why it's important. Read More
Bump on Craft: Capacity is an Issue
FILED MARCH 16, 2018 So Bump Williams, the veteran beer industry consultant with Bump Williams Consulting, was stuck in his home in Connecticut with no power amid a snow storm. That afforded us the perfect opportunity to spend nearly two hours of undistracted time -- an anomaly with a savant as ADD as Bump -- on the phone with him, and extract gems from his mind under duress that he normally wouldn't divulge. Read More
Busch Back to Being the Official Beer of NASCAR
FILED MARCH 15, 2018 "It all but boggled the mind, but NASCAR somehow got through the first month of the season without an official beer," Forbes reported yesterday. Read More
Dos Equis Shelving Most Interesting Man
FILED MARCH 14, 2018 Dos Equis is unveiling its new creative today and the MIM is MIA. Read More
How Craft Beer's Calorie Issue Spawned Dogfish Head's Fastest Growing Beer
FILED MARCH 13, 2018 Drinking hop heavy beers will catch up with you sooner or later. Neither I, nor the runner up for most handsome man in the beer business, Sam Calagione, are immune to the calorie-packed IPAs. Read More
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