Coca-Cola Peeping the Marijuana Biz in Canada
FILED SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 Yesterday, BNN Bloomberg reported on yet another drinks company potentially looking to get into the marijuana business in Canada, where recreational use is slated to become legal next month. Read More
Craft Pulling Out of Texas in Droves
FILED SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 Last week, CBD covered yet another big regional craft brand pulling out of Texas. Ska is leaving the Lone Star State to focus more on core markets. This news comes not long after Top 50 brewer Ninkasi pulled out due to limited demand. After we ran the news, more reports of smaller brewers leaving poured in. Read More
FILED SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 The good news from the Brewers Association's Power Hour yesterday is this: the beer category is up 2.1% YTD in 2018, Read More
Stone Dragging MillerCoors Distributors Into its Keystone Suit
FILED SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 Things continue to heat up in the trademark dispute between Stone Brewing and MillerCoors [see BBD 02-13-2018]. The California craft brewer, which claims MillerCoors bit off of its STONE trademark in the recent rebranding of Keystone, is now threatening to lug MillerCoors distributors into the fight. Read More
Andy Goeler on Dilly Dilly Year 2,
FILED SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 At the start of the 2018 season, the NFL remains embattled. The Kneeling-During-the-Anthem Controversy continues to loom large, amid other challenges like player safety and tentative ratings. Read More
CA Craft Beer Summit: Do Small Craft Brewers and Distributors Still Need Each Ot
FILED SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 One thing that stood out to your editor at the recent California Craft Beer Summit is how distributors seem to drift further and further into irrelevance at these types of craft conferences. Read More
Truth Squad on Constellation's Curious California Conundrum: To Become a Branch
FILED SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 After we broke the story last week (see BBD 09-05-2018) that Constellation Brands Beer Division is requesting that three southern California A-B distributors, Triangle Distributing and Ace Beverage, as well as MillerCoors/STZ distributor Beauchamp Distributing, sell their Constellation business, we naturally got an avalanche of viewpoints from beer folks around the country. Read More
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