BA: No Craft Bubble
FILED AUGUST 23, 2016 There have been a rash of "craft beer is in trouble" stories running in the mainstream and trade press lately. You'll find the latest one this weekend in Thrillist, titled ominously Craft Beer's Dark Secrets, which cites an anonymous marketing exec at a medium-sized craft brewer. The themes of all these articles are similar: Too many breweries creating a crowded marketplace, too much capacity, too much bad/infected beer being produced, too much old beer on the shelves, and interestingly in this article, craft employees are way under-paid relative to their wine and spirits counterparts. Read More
UK Court Rules SABMiller Shareholders Can Vote Separately
FILED AUGUST 23, 2016 The UK Scheme directions hearing on whether SABMiller can treat its two biggest shareholders as a separate class of voters came to a conclusion early this morning. Read More
Will SABMiller Have Two Shareholder Votes? We'll Know Today
FILED AUGUST 22, 2016 Today is a big day in the fate of MegaBrew: a UK High Court is slated to decide whether SABMiller's two biggest investors, Santo Domingo and Altria, can be treated as a separate class of voters for the brewer's seemingly imminent purchase by Anheuser-Busch InBev, per the tie-up timetable outlined by brewers earlier this month [see BBD 08-02-2016]. Read More
Off-Premise Craft: A Tough Summer
FILED AUGUST 19, 2016 While taprooms and brewpubs continue to boom, off-premise craft seems to be showing early signs of tapping out. Amid yesterday's news that North Texas' Grapevine Brewing ceasing distribution and focusing solely on their taproom, and comments from several local and regional craft brewers lately telling us they make a majority of profits from their taprooms, the new reality is that more and more beer is flowing to the consumer outside of the three-tier system. As we know, the on-premise (outside of tap rooms) has been struggling for some time. But now that malaise is leaking into the off-premise chain arena as well, apparently. Read More
Simon Thorpe Out at Duvel Moortgat USA
FILED AUGUST 18, 2016 Duvel Moortgat USA, the big but family-owned Belgian brewer which has a significant craft beachhead in the U.S. with Ommegang, Boulevard, and most recently Firestone Walker, has made a significant management change. Read More
Will Cutwater Spirits Brands go to the Old Ballast Point Distributors?
FILED AUGUST 17, 2016 Following up on recent news that Ballast vets Jack White and Yuseff Cherney have gone public with their new Cutwater Spirits endeavor, many in the beer world will wonder: Will these products go through the same distributors as before? Often, at least under original Ballast brass, those who carried the Ballast beer brands were also awarded the spirits (even, in some cases, where the wholesaler didn't typically carry booze). Read More
Jim's Big Decision
FILED AUGUST 16, 2016 It's been reported over the past few days how Boston Beer Co.'s largest shareholder, Hong Kong-based Tybourne Capital has practically doubled-down on BBC's stock after it plummeted 50% from its high a year and a half ago. Read More
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