Southern Tier Partners with Private Equity Hires Ex-Pabst Exec
FILED SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 Lots of deals coming down the pike, though more have been private equity (see Utah craft brewers' private equity solutions over the past year and a half), private buy-outs (Duvel Moortgat on Boulevard) and creative solutions (see Harpoon, New Belgium ESOPS) than the long-threatened big brewer buyouts (although stay tuned on that front). Read More
**Alert** Oasis, TSG Buying Pabst for "Somewhat Less" than $1 Billion, Says WSJ
FILED SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 We reported on talks Friday, and now the Wall Street Journal says "people familiar with the matter" have confirmed that "Russian brewer Oasis Beverages and TSG Consumer Partners LLC are partnering to buy Pabst Brewing Co.," per WSJ. Read More
Major Brands Takes on Diageo and Glazer's
FILED SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 The final hearing in the ongoing Major Brands v. Diageo and Glazer's trial begins this week with opening arguments yesterday. BBD had veteran wine and spirits reporter Megan Metcalf on the scene in St. Louis to bring you the blow-by-blow. Read More
Can ABI Afford to Buy SABMiller?
FILED SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 Here's a question: Can ABI afford to buy SABMiller? I think among all the chatter this key question has been somewhat lost in the fray, because I think everybody always assumes ABI can afford anything, because they always stretch their balance sheet to the hilt and get seemingly impossible deals done with nearly 90% debt. Read More
ABI-SABMiller-Heineken: What Now?
FILED SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 We have conflicting reports about whether ABI is prepping financing for a possible bid for SABMiller; meanwhile SABMiller has approached -- and been initially spurned -- by Heineken NV. Read More
Update: CNBC Says ABI Not Seeking Financing
FILED SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 David Faber, a deal commentator at CNBC, said on the program minutes ago that there is no financing being arranged by ABI. Earlier this morning the WSJ reported that ABI was lining up banks to finance a huge $122 billion takeover bid of SABMiller. Read More
**Alert** WSJ: A-B Talking to Banks About $122 Deal To Buy SABMiller, per Source
FILED SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 It's a season of deal fever: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that A-B is attempting to line up financing for a potential purchase of SABMiller, though they're not in Read More
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