Big Hairy Predictions: Let's Recap
FILED MAY 27, 2015 Okay, Jenn wrote that headline I think as a joke, but I liked it so much I kept it. We are nearly halfway through the year, and this is a time when I go through the predictions I made in January and see -- so far -- how well we did. Let's go. Read More
FEMSA'S Heineken Shares Are Fair Game, What's Next?
FILED MAY 26, 2015 Heineken's all-stock purchase of FEMSA's Mexican beer business five years ago awarded the Mexican conglomerate with a 20% stake, making it Heineken's second largest shareholder. Due to a lock-up on the stake, FEMSA has been unable to touch their shares but that hold expired at the end of April. What's next? Read More
A Talk With MillerCoors' Ed McBrien
FILED MAY 22, 2015 Occasionally we like to check in with the sales guys at the big brewers, because that's where the rubber meets the road. So this week before Memorial Day we sat down with longtime MillerCoors exec Ed McBrien to get a tune-up on their business prospects. You, my friends, are a fly on the wall. Read More
Stella Drizly's Top Beer Now
FILED MAY 21, 2015 Beer delivery app Drizly has been in the news often lately: Weeks ago, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America announced a minority stake and board position. And then this week, the company secured another $13 million in financing from a group of investors -- including deal fixers and private equity company, First Beverage Group. Read More
More (Amicable) Deals
FILED MAY 20, 2015 Yet another deal in the West. This time, MillerCoors/Constellation Beer house CenCal Beverage Co. told employees this week that they're selling to two California distributors: DBI Beverage and Valley Wide Beverage. Read More
Corona, (Yes Corona), Fueling Constellation Beer's Growth
FILED MAY 19, 2015 Morgan Stanley released a note this weekend revealing some major tailwinds for Constellation Beer. According to an AlphaWise study they commissioned in April, improved macro trends (consumer spending) seem to be benefitting Constellation Beer more than other major beer suppliers. The bank gave the company an overweight rating. Read More
A Drink is Not A Drink
FILED MAY 18, 2015 You'll recall that the Beer Institute has been combating spirits' campaign that "a drink is just a drink." Now other industry orgs are jumping onboard to deliver scientific evidence of hard liquors' variability. Read More
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