MillerCoors Promises to Drive Redd's, Coors Light and More in Recent Memos
FILED NOVEMBER 25, 2015 Right before BBD was about to hit the lights and pack it all up for Thanksgiving break, we got a flurry of MillerCoors memos. Apparently the brewer has sent a lot of communication to distributors over the past week -- not surprising, since they just wrapped a National Distributor Council Meeting mid-month. Read More
"Safe Harbor" Not Enough to Dismiss Tito's Suits: What About for Beer?
FILED NOVEMBER 24, 2015 Over the weekend California federal judge Jeffrey Miller denied a motion for summary judgment in two separate cases against Fifth Generation, owner of Tito's Handmade Vodka. Read More
Feedback for A-B's New Incentive for Performance Program
FILED NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Last week we reported on A-B's new incentive for performance program, VAIP. They worked with their Wholesaler Panel to create new simpler, voluntary incentives that would be available to all wholesalers, with as much as 70% participation. Read More
Not Your Father's Ginger Ale Going National
FILED NOVEMBER 20, 2015 The Pabst-backed Not Your Father's brand is making another national play -- this time, Small Town's Not Your Father's Ginger Ale is rolling to 40 states as early as next week, with full national distribution by February 2016. It's billed as "a gruit-inspired botanical beer brewed with ginger." Read More
A Kinder, Gentler A-B
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2015 Anheuser-Busch revealed their three-year plan to wholesalers this week in St Louis in a half-day meeting, and as usual your editor lurked in the back under a Cardinals cap and sunglasses to bring you the details. Read More
A-B Realizes Puppies Have "Zero Impact on Beer Sales"
FILED NOVEMBER 18, 2015 We've all seen this scenario play out, a guy walks around with an adorable puppy hoping it will attract females and it works… for the puppy. Read More
Reaction to Constellation-Ballast Point News so Far
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2015 The most surprising part about reactions to the Constellation-Ballast Point $1 billion tie-up was that people didn't seem that surprised at all. Sure, people marvelled at the price tag, with the requisite jokes about being in the wrong business. But as one Truth Squadder put it, even though the price may still seem outlandish, if anyone could justify it... Read More
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