ABI Offers to Divest all SABMiller Assets in Central and Eastern Europe
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV sent notice this morning of their having submitted an updated package of commitments to the European Commission to "proactively address potential regulatory considerations" surrounding their intended acquisition of SABMiller. Read More
Cali Requiring BPA Warning Labels at Retail
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 Even more regulation coming down the pike in Cali. The state now requires BPA warnings beside bev alc products utilizing the chemical, commonly found in beer can lining. Read More
On the Coming Summer Price War
FILED APRIL 28, 2016 First, let's clarify regarding A-B's new distribution program which several sources view as a space grab related to their aggressive price reduction initiative: Space Assortment Price (SAP) Initiative, which seeks to "focus on achieving distribution for core brands via the 15 highest velocity SKUs. SAP will be considered executed when at least 13 of these 15 SKUs are in a store. The goal will be to grow the number of executed SAP accounts by 20% at end of this year," says a memo from the Wholesaler Panel. Read More
Is A-B Panicking?
FILED APRIL 27, 2016 That was the title of analyst Robert Ottenstein of Evercore's report yesterday over reports of heavy discounting by A-B so early in the summer ("buy two 12 packs of Bud/Bud Light, get one free"). Read More
What's New (And Old) With Yard House Beer Sales
FILED APRIL 27, 2016 Last month we reported that Yard House made sweeping beer menu revisions, with 50% of updated brands appearing for the first time. That's not all that's new: manager of beverage Greg Howard took over recently from previous beverage director, Kip Snider, who'd held tenure for as long as we can remember. Read More
Who will Molson Coors take after if SABMiller is out of the Picture?
FILED APRIL 26, 2016 The Department of Justice has received yet another letter from antitrust authorities detailing their apprehensions over Anheuser-Busch InBev's proposed takeover of SABMiller. Read More
Tony on Protecting the Flagship: Don't Let Your Flanks Overwhelm You
FILED APRIL 25, 2016 Normally a piece like this would go into CBD, but IPAs are so hot these days (and Lagunitas is of course now under the arm of Heineken NV). Moreover, founder Tony Magee has some unique ideas regarding issue that's plaguing flagships at brewers of all sizes. Read More
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