A-B Buying Parts of Horizon and ME Fox and Company in California
FILED SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 Following a spate of distributor purchases, most recently announced in Staten Island and Colorado in a little more than the last month, A-B has just announced that it has entered into two separate wholesaler transactions in California. Read More
How Distance Affects Sales for Brewers
FILED SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 Bump of Bump Williams Consulting is back with another note, this time measuring a quantity that we rarely report on: distance. You could probably surmise that craft brewers endure an inverse relationship between distance from home and sales. Of course, some craft brewers are immune to this "like Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and Goose Island," he said. Though, most struggle leaving their home nest and Bump sought out how far they could get before sales dropped off. Read More
SABMiller Thwarting ABI/3G Bid?
FILED SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 SABMiller has reportedly called upon two of London's "most respected dealmakers" to help "strengthen its defences" against a possible "£75bn" bid from Anheuser Busch InBev and 3G Capital, per Sunday Times. The publication claimed "SABMiller has held talks with Simon Robey and Simon Warshaw to get advice on mergers and acquisitions strategy." Read More
Gavin: "I've Made Some Changes in the U.S." Miller Lite Steinie Bottle Coming
FILED AUGUST 31, 2015 New MillerCoors interim chief spoke at the Morgan Stanley consumer goods event, and after being asked about the changes he's made so far, said with South African understatement, "I think it's fair to say I have made some changes in the U.S. Obviously everyone knows about those." [Departure of Ed McBrien and Andy England being the most significant]. Read More
C-K Gets Pacifico For Eventual National Campaign
FILED AUGUST 28, 2015 Constellation has selected the independent agency Cramer-Krasselt (C-K) to handle the Pacifico account. Recall, Omnicom's GSD&M was previously responsible for the brand. The company also announced that C-K would pick up their Casa Noble tequila, per Ad Age. Read More
BI Announces New VP Public Affairs
FILED AUGUST 27, 2015 Former Beer Institute VP Communications Chris Thorne announced his resignation back in May. Today, the BI has announced his apparent successor: Denise Dunckel will join the trade association as vice president, public affairs, effective September 14. She will lead the Beer Institute's public affairs strategy directed at policymakers, the media, the alcohol beverage industry and other key stakeholders. Read More
MillerCoors First National Distrib Council Meeting with Gavin Hattersley: Steini
FILED AUGUST 26, 2015 MillerCoors had its first National Distributor Council meeting under Gavin Hattersley's tenure as interim CEO earlier this month, also its first with commercial leadership since the team's transition in July. They addressed return to growth for the big brands, and general strategy, among a few buckets: Read More
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