Tom Long: Demographics Matter
FILED NOVEMBER 21, 2014 MillerCoors chief Tom Long, after giving a nice accolade to California Beer and Beverage Distributors chief Victoria Horton for 20 years of service (a former foe if you'll recall), gave an interesting speech to California wholesalers extolling the virtues of studying demographics to design marketing of American light lagers, which he believes can be restored to growth. Read More
Oasis Never Part of Pabst Deal
FILED NOVEMBER 20, 2014 In cheekily titled piece, "Hey Guys, the Russians Aren't Buying Pabst After All," The New York Times Dealbook explores the recent development that Oasis Beverage had nothing to do with the Pabst sale to entrepreneur Eugene Kashper and TSG Consumer Partners, despite a September press release naming Oasis as part of the deal. Read More
Coca-Cola Announces Agreement with Reyes's Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Following February's letter of intent with Reyes Holdings to grant territories in greater Chicago, Coca-Cola announced this morning that it has signed a definitive agreement with Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reyes Holdings. Read More
Is 3G Raising Fund for Coca-Cola?
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Ah, rich people. While much speculation has fixated on AB InBev buying Coke, the major shareholder may be the one making the move. Forbes reported yesterday via a popular Brazilian weekly that 3G is in "advanced talks to set up a new fund to invest in the food and beverage industry, and possibly to acquire a company." Read More
"Uneasy Truce" Between AB and Kentucky ABC Could Mean Leg Action, Appeal
FILED NOVEMBER 18, 2014 The AP added some color to Friday's Kentucky circuit court ruling that ordered the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issue a wholesaler license to AB so they can buy Budweiser of Owensboro. Read More
Casinelli Talks Trends and New Markets
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2014 We gave the COO of Yuengling, Dave Casinelli, a ring the other day to catch up on Yuengling's latest market rollouts, their thoughts on the recent blockbuster deal in the middle tier and the next market the brewery has lined up. Read More
More Bud Light Extensions
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Friday Ad Age detailed the next would-be blockbuster innovation for Bud Light extensions. "Mixx-Tail" will play on the big domestic brand in FMB format, referencing popular mixed drinks. Read More
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