Comment: In Defense of the Sheehans
FILED FEBRUARY 12, 2016 As reported in Craft Business Daily this morning, the Massachusetts ABC handed down an unprecedented 90 day license suspension to the Sheehan's Craft Brewers Guild (the sister company to their A-B distributorship, L. Knife & Co, which is unaffected). Craft Brewers Guild is their craft distributorship in the state. The license suspension is for paying various bars between a grand and two grand per tap handle, per Boston Globe. Read More
Gavin Talks MillerCoors Year-End Results
FILED FEBRUARY 12, 2016 MillerCoors fourth quarter and year-end earnings call yesterday was brief and to the point. Read More
Former DOJ Lawyer: DOJ Needs to Ensure Independent Distribution in MegaBrew Appr
FILED FEBRUARY 11, 2016 Andre Barlow is a partner at Doyle Barlow in Washington, D.C., and a former trial attorney with the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He recently penned an opinion piece in Law360 on the possible effect of the ABI - SABMiller merger, A-B's VAIP incentive program, and the subsequent 100% absorption of MillerCoors into Molson Coors, would have on the rest of the industry and whether the DOJ should take a hard look at it and require remedies (as it did with the Grupo Modelo deal). Read More
TTB Shoots Warning Shot Across Kroger / Southern's Bow
FILED FEBRUARY 11, 2016 As first reported by BBD, Kroger had a deal with Southern Wine and Spirits to provide category management and shelf set services, with Southern creating an entire dedicated team, and charging suppliers and distributors (on a "voluntary" basis) to help mitigate the costs. Read More
Asahi Submits Bid for SABMiller's Grolsch, Peroni and Meantime Brands
FILED FEBRUARY 10, 2016 We were expecting a bid from Asahi this week for SABMiller's European premium brands and early this morning it came through. Read More
Heineken USA Seeing Greener Pastures
FILED FEBRUARY 10, 2016 Get it? Greener pastures? The bottle is green. [Crickets]. Okay, let's move on. Read More
Distributors Speak on Payola, Craft, Hard Sodas, and More
FILED FEBRUARY 9, 2016 One of the highlights of the Beer Summit was a fascinating conversation I had with three multi-market mega-wholesalers, all in the blue-silver network: John Taylor of JJ Taylor of Florida and Minnesota, Bubba Moffett of Crescent Crown in Phoenix and New Orleans, and Chris Steffanci of Columbia Distributing in Washington and Oregon. It's sometimes hard to get distributors on stage, but these guys gamely stepped into the breach and spoke frankly. Read More
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