A-B Posts Better Q1 in U.S.
FILED MAY 4, 2016 AB InBev posted lower-than-expected first quarter earnings this morning, mainly due to expected tough comps in Brazil and SABMiller merger costs. However, ABI's volumes in the U.S improved over last quarter. Read More
This High-End Brand is Snagging Summer Displays
FILED MAY 4, 2016 It's CBC time, so let's talk about some of the fastest-growers in the high end: Constellation Beer. We touched base with two Constellation chiefs -- new Beer President Paul Hetterich, and Chief Commercial Officer, Bruce Jacobson -- on their moves into the key summer selling season, as well as the latest on new initiatives from the recent earnings call and Gold Network Summit distributor convention. Read More
MillerCoors's Big Two Deliver Flat Volumes in Q1
FILED MAY 3, 2016 Q1 MillerCoors benchmarks? STRs were down 1.3%, while STWs were up that amount. Read More
Kroger Back-Peddles on CatMan Program
FILED MAY 2, 2016 After regulatory and industry pushback, Kroger has jettisoned its plan to allow Southern Wine & Spirits to set their bev-alc shelf sets and charge suppliers and distributors "voluntarily" to pay for it, something both the feds and several states have viewed askance of "tied-house" laws which ensure the independence of retailers. Read More
Why is ABI Shedding all of SABMiller's European Assets?
FILED MAY 2, 2016 The MegaBrew saga took somewhat of an unexpected turn this past Friday. Until that point, most analysts had a good hunch of what Anheuser-Busch InBev had to dispose of in their quest to takeover SABMiller and where it needed to be done. Read More
ABI Offers to Divest all SABMiller Assets in Central and Eastern Europe
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV sent notice this morning of their having submitted an updated package of commitments to the European Commission to "proactively address potential regulatory considerations" surrounding their intended acquisition of SABMiller. Read More
Cali Requiring BPA Warning Labels at Retail
FILED APRIL 29, 2016 Even more regulation coming down the pike in Cali. The state now requires BPA warnings beside bev alc products utilizing the chemical, commonly found in beer can lining. Read More
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