ABCC Chairwoman Exits Ahead of Mass Bev Alc Code Overhaul
FILED JANUARY 16, 2017 Massachusetts' Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission chairwoman Kim Gainsboro is leaving the post she's held for about seven years. That comes ahead of the agency's imminent overhaul, the Boston Globe reported this weekend. Read More
Permitted Brewery Count Surpasses 1,000 For Third Straight Year
FILED JANUARY 13, 2017 Despite difficult beer trends, last year the number of TTB-permitted breweries hit another all-time record: 7,190 total U.S. brewery permits as of December 31, NBWA's Beer By the Numbers blog reported. That included 1,110 new permits, down 32 from the year prior. That's the third year we added more than 1,000 breweries to the tally. Read More
A-B's Homebrew and Self-Brewing Systems: Disruption or Desperation?
FILED JANUARY 12, 2017 "Homebrewing will see a major overhaul as automated systems (like Picobrew) make it easy to make your favorite beers at home. Think of what Keurig did to the coffee business or what SodaStream did for soft drinks. A major brewer will make an investment in the technology or at least license it." Read More
Another Red Bull Beer Distributor out of the Brand
FILED JANUARY 11, 2017 One of the nation's largest MillerCoors distributors, Andrews, is exiting the Red Bull business. Read More
Tony Magee on Goose IPA
FILED JANUARY 10, 2017 Yesterday BBD reported that part of The High End's big, hairy 2017 goals is making Goose IPA the number one national IPA. The current market leader has some thoughts on that goal. That, of course, would be the Lagunitas brand. Read More
Out With the Old, In With the New
FILED JANUARY 9, 2017 January is a time for renewal -- cleaning house, making resolutions, and adding new things while culling old things from your life. It's the same with companies. Read More
A-B, Keurig Partner for At-Home Alcohol System
FILED JANUARY 6, 2017 A-B and Keurig have just announced a new JV to bring a product that will allow people to make an array of alcoholic beverages in their own home. Read More
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