Solid Gold is a Big Tactical Move that Will Bring Aggressive Price, Suitcases
FILED FEBRUARY 16, 2018 Last week, we reported on Founders' Solid Gold taking aim at domestic premiums. But having spoken more to Mike Stevens on the proposition, there's more. Read More
MillerCoors' Economy Portfolio Seeing Best Trends in Almost a Decade
FILED FEBRUARY 15, 2018 There was quite a bit of talk on MillerCoors' below premium brands during the Molson Calls earnings call yesterday. Deservedly so. MillerCoors' below premium portfolio was down low single digits in Q4 - the best quarterly trend it's had since 2009. The company also exceeded their goals for the economy portfolio in the last quarter, MillerCoors CEO Gavin Hattersley said, as they "more than halved" the decline rate and "grew share," which he credited to Keystone and Hamm's. Read More
Recent Peet's Coffee Chief Will be Boston's New CEO
FILED FEBRUARY 14, 2018 A little more than a year after announcing CEO Martin Roper's intent to retire, Boston Beer is announcing its next CEO: Dave Burwick, most recently president and CEO of Peet's Coffee. Dave has been on Boston Beer's Board since 2005. Read More
Rocky Mountain Rage: The Fight Over the Details of 3.2 Beer Changes
FILED FEBRUARY 14, 2018 Recall that back in late 2016, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (and Wynkoop founder) signed Senate Bill 197 into law. Recall Colorado is a 3.2 state. It was swooping change -- in fact, billed as the biggest change to state liquor laws since Prohibition's end. Read More
Latest IRI: Beer Off to a Healthy Start in 2018
FILED FEBRUARY 13, 2018 Beer's first report card from IRI in 2018 ain't too shabby. Total beer dollars are up 3% for the latest four weeks to January 28 in IRI's multi-outlet and convenience channel. Read More
A-B Dropping Trousers on Price
FILED FEBRUARY 12, 2018 When beer brands are growing quickly, and when they are declining quickly, the first thing we look at is relative retail pricing from a year ago. On-premise pricing is pretty steady (price-to-consumer at least, but perhaps not price-to-retailer, particularly on draft). But off-premise, price reductions tend to get passed on to the consumer. Read More
Why Columbia Distributing is Working with Amazon
FILED FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Yesterday brought news that Amazon would expand its within-two-hour Prime Now delivery to four Whole Food markets: Austin, Dallas, Virginia Beach and Cincinnati. Of course, they'll look to expand it to other markets, soon. Read More
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