MillerCoors' Spiked Aguas Frescas Play, Zumbida, Hitting Key Hispanic Markets

FILED AUGUST 30, 2016 Back in April, we came across a TTB approval label for "Zumbida Mango," dubbed "Aguas Frescas con un toque de piquete" (loosely translated: Aguas Frescas with a bit of bite). It was listed at 4.2% alcohol per 12 oz.
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Craft Brewers Running Afoul of Consignment Sales Rules?

FILED AUGUST 29, 2016 There's been some casual talk in the trade of consignment sales, particularly as the next round of hard-to-forecast seasonal brands are starting to hit market. It seems that some brewers -- particularly craft -- think it's OK to do things that amount to consignment sales. And distributors seem to be taking them up on it.
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