North American Brewers Buys Magic Hat/Pyramid Breweries to Remain Open;


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August 11, 2010

North American Brewers Buys Magic Hat/Pyramid

Breweries to Remain Open; Beer to Remain Same

Dear Client:

It's been the buzz for weeks, and now it's official. North American Breweries just announced the purchase of Independent Brewers United which owns Magic Hat, Pyramid and MacTarnahan's beer. The purchase includes three breweries and five Alehouses and a retail store affiliated with one of the breweries. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

NAB chief Rich Lozyniak says, "We are really excited to add Magic Hat, Pyramid and MacTarnahan's beers to North American Breweries. All three brands have a rich history of craft brewing that helps us gain acceptance in that tight-knit community. By having more beers to offer our customers, wholesalers and retail accounts, we can better compete with the multi-national mega brewers who dominate the U.S.
beer industry."

"The industry has taken a turn away from the mega brewers. We have a collection of regional and heritage brands that position us well among today's beer drinkers," added Rich. "At a time when the overall beer industry is in decline, we're growing across brands which essentially created a great opportunity to collaborate with some of the best craft brewers in the business."

The new brands mean the addition of three new breweries, one each in:
Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; and Burlington, Vermont. Magic Hat is the 10th largest craft brewery in the country, while Pyramid is the fifth largest.

The company stressed that Magic Hat, Pyramid and MacTarnahan's
heritage and culture "will be closely guarded." NAB maintains that:

1. The beer will remain the same: it will be brewed by the same people in the same breweries, using the same recipes, ingredients and commitment to artisanship as it has always been.

2. All breweries, Alehouses and the Artifactory will remain open.

3. They promise to "communicate regularly and openly to our employees and at times - the media - about our business," says NAB.

Until tomorrow, Harry

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