FDA Gives Caffeinated Alcohol Producers 30 Days to Defend their Products


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BBD has just learned that the FDA notified nearly 30 caffeinated alcohol manufacturers, including Joose and Four Loko, that it intends to look into the safety and legality of their products. The FDA has given them 30 days to provide evidence that the combination of caffeine and alcohol is safe at the urging of 19 state attorney general.

"FDA's letter informed each company that if FDA determines that the use of caffeine in the firm's alcoholic beverages is not GRAS or prior sanctioned, FDA will take appropriate action to ensure that the products are removed from the marketplace," said the FDA in a statement. For a beverage to be considered GRAS, there must be evidence that it is safe. The FDA also stated that it "has not approved the use of caffeine in alcoholic beverages and thus such beverages can be lawfully marketed only if their use is subject to a prior sanction or is GRAS."

You'll recall that Miller and Anheuser-Busch removed caffeine from their respective products, Sparks and Tilt, last year and agreed to not produce any caffeinated alcoholic beverages in the future.

"The increasing popularity of consumption of caffeinated alcoholic beverages by college students and reports of potential health and safety issues necessitates that we look seriously at the scientific evidence as soon as possible," said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, principal deputy commissioner of food and drugs at the FDA.


Charge Beverages Corporation
Products: Liquid Charge, Liquid Core, High Gravity Core
United Brands Company, Inc
Products: Joose, Max Vibe, Max Fury, Max Live, 3Sum
Phusion Projects LLC
Products: Four, Four Loko, Four Maxed
Point Blank Beverages Co.
Products: Torque
Hard Wired Brewing Company, LLC
Products: Hard Wired
Mix Master Beverage Co
Products: 24/7
Catalyst Beverage Company
Products: Catalyst
New Century Brewing Company
Products: Moonshot
Melanie Brewing Co
Products: Evil Eye
Thomas Creek Brewery, LLC
Products: Mobius Lager
Diageo North America, Inc
Products: Smirnoff Raw Tea Malt Beverage
Constellation Brands
Products: Wide Eye
The P.I.N.K. Spirits Company/Prohibition Beverage Inc
Products: P.I.N.K. Vodka, P.I.N.K. Tequila, P.I.N.K. Rum, P.I.N.K. Gin, P.I.N.K. White Whiskey, P.I.N.K. Sake
Delicious Brands Inc.
Products: Lotus Vodka
Sovereign Brands
Products: 3AM Vodka
Moet Hennessey/Millennium Import LLC
Products: Belevedere IX
Shotpak Vodka
Products: Gravity Vodka
Wingard USA (Importer)
Products: V2 Vodka with Caffeine, Everglo Vodka
LeVecke Corporation
Products: Vicious Vodka with Caffeine
Rocktail Drinks/Liquid Manufacturing LLC
Products: Slingshot Party Gel
Cold Spring Brewing Company/Atomic Brands
Products: A:M Carpe Noctern
808 Spirits Co.
Products: 808 Mango Beat
Gaamm Imports Inc.
Products: Booya Espresso Silver Tequila with Caffeine
Ithaca Beer Co.
Products: Ithaca Eleven Malt Beverage with Coffee
Gluek Brewing Company
Products: Gruv Malt Beverage with Guarana
MHW, Ltd and Niche Import Company
Products: Agwa De Bolivia
Rizer Spirits Inc
Products: XZO Vodka with Caffeine, Taurine, and Guarana

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-Bruce Barton

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