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Kentucky's Country Boy Brewing on Why Branches are Bad for Craft
FILED JANUARY 28, 2015 While last week we reported that a few craft brewers in Kentucky don't support a new bill in the Kentucky state house which would further deny A-B the ability to buy more branches in the state, one brewer pointed out that the KY Craft Guild does support the bill.
BA And BI Go Head to Head on the Hill
FILED JANUARY 27, 2015 It's a he said, she said situation here. The Brewers Association's Small BREW Act was reintroduced on the Hill and trolling for co-sponsors. BA's chief Bob Pease sent a letter to past co-sponsors saying that the Beer Institute's bill, the Fair BEER Act, only benefits huge foreign owned brewers and importers.
Corrections and Clarifications
FILED JANUARY 14, 2015 MillerCoors and A-B make it clear they do not pay for taps...
Lagunitas Files Against Sierra for Hop Hunter Mark
FILED JANUARY 13, 2015 Kumbaya, nothin'. Twitter is showing excerpts of a suit Lagunitas has apparently filed against Sierra Nevada for the latter's
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