Advisory Board

BeerNet's advisory board, also called the Truth Squad, consists of over 30 industry executives from distributors, brewers, importers, and allied industry people. The identities of members of the Truth Squad are kept confidential in order to promote candor.

Duties include monthly phone/email conversations regarding a variety of topics and issues that are important to the beer industry. Additionally, truth squad members share their sales and pricing data, although all information is kept confidential and aggregated to spot trends.

Also, Truth Squad members call or email BeerNet on issues of interest that arise in their markets.

If you are an industry executive and are interested in joining the beer industry Truth Squad, send me an email at , and you will be included in the beer industry's quest for the Truth which, apparently, sets us free.

More on Heineken: Global Changes

FILED APRIL 1, 2015 In an effort "to accelerate the delivery of its global strategy" Heineken has announced significant changes to "its operating model and ways of working." The new structure is being characterized as "leaner," "flatter" and "streamlined."
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Dolf to Leave Heineken USA

FILED MARCH 31, 2015 It is with personal regret that I report that after six years, Dolf van den Brink is leaving Heineken USA this summer. Dolf came to Heineken USA at an incredibly challenging time, as the economy tanked -- especially for the low income multi-cultural consumer which is Heineken's bailiwick -- which created tough trends for the company.
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